BAMBOO: A Post-Apocalyptic Odyssey sci-fi novel

BAMBOO: A Post-Apocalyptic Odyssey” – A speculative climate fiction by Clark Hilton.

Gen holds the key to saving the world. But can she save herself?

Growing up on an isolated bio-research farm, Gen lives a comfortable, if lonely, life, her days filled with lessons, chores, and squeezing in a little fun. She longs to visit the bustling “big city” — a spectacle she’s seen only in videos. On her sixteenth birthday, her geneticist parents reveal the frightening truth of her origins and their fantastical plans for her. Infuriated, Gen runs away, heading for the city, where she finally hopes to meet others her age… maybe even fall in love.

A superstorm catapults Gen into a devastated world she couldn’t have imagined: her big city is a waterlogged hellscape slowly succumbing to the waves, home to starving, genetically diseased human scavengers, and flesh-hungry beasts.

Running away was a mistake, but there’s no way back home. The scavengers shun the olive-skinned stranger, and Gen makes more enemies than friends. She doesn’t know who to trust… a handsome youth who charms her, or their imperious leader, a cracked mirror of her father. As her infatuation with her suitor grows, so does her peril.

She suspects a connection between her parents’ experiments and this depleted land. To the fearful locals, a secret, woven into Gen’s very being, makes her dangerous. And what makes her dangerous could get her killed.

If you’re up for a genre-melding, mind-bending journey through a brutal post-apocalyptic near future spiked with the anguished hope of new love, then you’ll enjoy BAMBOO. Told as the folklore of some distant civilization, BAMBOO poses a chilling question: “Are we destined for oblivion?”